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This Holiday Season…let’s skip all the crazy expectations.

My wish for you this holiday season is:

  • your Monger doesn’t run the show.

  • you spend the holidays with those you love not in the kitchen baking 30 dozen cookies for cookie party you don’t even want to go to.

  • you experience the peace and reflection time of the holidays not just the madness of the mall or online shopping.

  • you are able to relax, enjoy and embrace the holiday (and all its messiness)

Here’s how it works,

Each morning throughout the holiday season (from Wednesday, November 21st through Monday, December 31st) you will receive an email note from me.  Each note will have a simple tip or a short message for you to ponder.  The goal is to give you a gift of peace in your inbox each morning.

Best of all it is free!  Think of it as my gift to you this holiday season.

This year let’s enjoy the holidays, without all the shoulds, if-onlys,
and a better person woulds.

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