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This Holidays Season…

Let’s skip all the crazy expectations and quest for perfection.

My wish for you this holiday season:

  • people pleasing and perfectionism takes a back seat.

  • you are clear on how you want to celebrate and with whom you want to celebrate

  • expectations, and shoulds go out the door.

  • you are able to relax, enjoy and embrace the holiday (and all its messiness)

  • your Monger doesn’t run the show.

Here’s how it works,

Throughout the holiday season from Wednesday, November 22nd through Sunday, December 31st you will receive an email from me at the beginning of each day.  Each week we will have a different theme and the emails will be short and sweet. In addition, there will be giveaways and challenges throughout the 40 days to make it more fun.

Best of all it is free!  Think of it as my gift to you this holiday season.

This year let’s enjoy the holidays…without all the shoulds, if-onlys, and a better person woulds…

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