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Giving Thanks.

I have found that people tend to have specific opinions about the Thanksgiving Holiday–there seem to be two schools of thought. One group views it as a simple holiday where the pure purpose is to give thanks.  It is not overwhelmed with commercialism or choosing between secular or religious meanings, (like Christmas) it is just a holiday about giving thanks.  

The second group tends to be those who think Thanksgiving is just a warm-up for the big rush of Christmas.  Just a tester to see how things will go this holiday season–kind of a mini-Christmas.  I must admit I use to be in the second camp.  Christmas was my holiday–the three-day extravaganza where my family gathers to bond and celebrate.  So Thanksgiving pallid in comparison.  But now as I have gotten older and have experienced more, I tend to be more in the first group.  I have developed more traditions around this holiday and enjoy gathering with my family during the day and then my friends in the evening.  Giving thanks for our many many blessings, for the bullets we have dodged and the bullets we did not and the friends and family who helped us through. 

Which camp do you belong to? What are you thankful for?  What are your blessings? What bullets have you dodged and if you didn’t who held your hand through the pain?  This is the point of Thanksgiving–Giving Thanks.  Not the size of the turkey, how much you ate, whether Aunt Edna had too much to drink, or whether you got a good deal at the day after sale events.  

The point of Thanksgiving is looking back at the year and giving thanks for all that has come your way, all that hasn’t and for those who were there for you through joy and pain.  So regardless of your opinion about Thanksgiving take time this year to give some thanks. 

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