Getting to Know You Survey…My Answers.

Getting to Know You Survey…My Answers.


Last week I challenged my newsletter list to answer this survey so I could get to know them better.  Some very brave and wonderful souls took the time to answer the questions and share their hopes, dreams and challenges with me. So I thought it only fair to do the same. Here are my answers. (A special shout out to Treacy Mize for the inspiration.)

What do you do for fun? How do you relax?

I love spending time with my nearest and dearest. When I am not working you will find me hanging with him in front of the TV, going out to dinner, playing cards, hanging with friends, and laughing with family.  My latest obsession is embroidery and I love spending time creating new fun projects. I would never have thought of myself as a crafter but I love sewing and it is very, very relaxing.

What does your perfect day look like? How often do you have days like this? What would you need in your life to have more perfect days?

I have to answer this in 2 ways the realistic one and the unrealistic.

Realistic: Wake up early, go downstairs and do my morning ritual of feeding our cat and dog, making coffee and checking the news. Do some yoga, enjoy breakfast with my nearest and dearest and do some work in my office. The afternoon would be heading outdoors to enjoy a hike or outdoor activity and then end the day with a class at the Loft and dinner with my nearest and dearest.

Unrealistic: Wake up in my own bed and do my morning routine. Travel to Paris and enjoy coffee and croissants at a little café. Travel to Bali and enjoy cocktails and an afternoon relaxing on the beach. Travel to Colorado and enjoy a 5 star dinner on top of a mountain. Fall asleep in my own bed.  (all activities include my nearest and dearest and various friends and family)

What would you say you are struggling with the most? What is really frustrating you at the moment? What is your biggest challenge?

Immediate struggle: This week we had to put our 19 year old cat down. She has been with me since college and has been a HUGE part of my life. That grief is way bigger and more challenging than I thought it would be.

On-going Struggle: Struggling with my dad’s illness. Slowly losing him and watching him slowly change and disintegrate is one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.

Challenge: Time. Being ok that I can’t be all things to all people and knowing that I will run out of time. Between my business and my family and friends I feel torn in a lot of directions and that is a challenge.

To ease the pain, we have all tried so many things. What have you already tried (that didn’t work) to fix these frustrations/issues?

My go-to coping mechanism is denial. Pretend it isn’t happening and all will be well.  I work against that on a daily basis because I know denial doesn’t work. For a long time I thought achieving and getting more would make things better…but I know that isn’t true either.

Where do you find hope?

In my work.  Working with my clients, hearing their stories and how the principles behind Live Happier have helped them gives me hope. Seeing my parents relationship and how they struggle, laugh and cry through the challenges of life. My pets and their simple approach to life. Through my friendships and relationships.

What are your biggest dreams for the future?

That my marriage continues to grow stronger and stronger
That the Live Happier Loft and my Live Happier Coaching practice continue to grow and expand beyond my wildest dreams.
That I have continue to grow strong meaningful relationships in my life.

If you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?

The illnesses that affect my loved one’s would be healed.
The Live Happier Loft would grow bigger than I can imagine.
Unlimited money and time for travel.

If you want to participate–there is still time. Check out the survey here.

A BIG thanks to all of you who participated in this effort!!  I am honored and humbled.

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