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Finding and Sharing Your Gifts

I believe we were brought here to this earth to share our gifts, to become the best version of ourselves possible.  Just pause and think about that.  You were put here on earth:

  • To celebrate:  WHO YOU ARE.
  • To give YOUR GIFTS.

When we look at life from this perspective it opens us up to possibility.  Too many of us walk around acting as if life is a burden, something done to us, something we have to survive.  What if life is actually a chance to give back, to be of service, to change the world?

I can hear you now saying “but I don’t know what my gift is?” Ah ha!  I believe that is what holds so many of us back.  What if you don’t have just one GIANT gift? What if you have hundreds of small little gifts that you can give the world each and every day?

I don’t think we need to figure out our gifts before we can start giving back.    I believe we figure out our gifts by giving back.  When we greet each day as a chance to be of service we greet the world differently. Imagine waking up each morning and thinking about how you can be of service to the world:

  • Greet the guy who serves you your coffee with a smile.
  • Hold the door for the stranger behind you.
  • Smile and greet people on the street.
  • Engage with your children,
  • Hug your spouse and look him/her in the eye.
  • Be present to your day.

As you move through the day being present, open and kind.  Notice what comes up for you.  Maybe one of your gifts is empathy, or listening.  Maybe you are really good at making people laugh, or synthesizing ideas.  Maybe your gift is knowing how to politely change the subject or doing errands with speed and precision.  We all have multiple gifts some of them small and some of them huge–all of them change the world. Through serving the world, and paying attention we can start to notice where we shine and where our gifts come of service.

Just recognizing that I have been put here to serve a purpose makes me smile.  It reminds me that my life has meaning. It reminds me that even if my gift is as small as walking my dog–to my dog that makes a world of difference.  Look at your life from the perspective of giving back and I promise it will help you Live Happier.

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