Feel the Feelings and Keep Moving Forward

Feel the Feelings and Keep Moving Forward

Last week, I stumbled upon this video. It was used in the context of Valentine’s Day and romantic love, but I was listening to it in the slant of career or goals especially as it relates to anxiety and the fear monger.  I love the message of feel the feelings but keep moving forward.  (Honestly, I don’t like the phrasing ‘do the right thing’ because of my own (and many of my clients) issues with always doing the RIGHT thing as if there is an external guide.)  So often we get stuck in one of the other, we get stuck in the feelings and don’t/can’t make any forward movement or we get so caught up in moving forward we become almost robot-like and lose all touch of our feelings. If we don’t feel our feelings they don’t go away, they just re-surface at a later day usually in an inappropriate way.

One of my favorite quotes: “Getting what you want can feel very uncomfortable” I see this all the time with myself and my clients.  Once they start getting closer to their goal the fear, and anxiety become much more real.  But when they keep returning to what they value, what they hold most sacred and close they can feel the feelings, and keep moving towards their end goals.  As Dr. Pat says, “A values driven approach to life trumps a feelings driven approach every time.”

Enjoy and let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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