Explore, Express, Release the Pain

Explore, Express, Release the Pain

After a two week blog sabbatical…I am back!  It has been a rejuvenating period and I am getting ready to make some small but profound changes in my world–so stay tuned.


Lately I have been thinking about pain.  Not physical pain per se but emotional pain.  The word Pain sounds so harsh. It has such a nasty connotation.  In reality, most of us are walking around in pain.

The pain of:

  • lost dreams
  • missed opportunities
  • grief
  • fear
  • insecurity
  • feeling not enough
  • overwhelmed

Pain is something we just don’t talk about.  We put on a smile, think positive, and keep our chin up.  But Pain always has a way of finding us.  Pain is there in the 1 glass of wine at happy hour that turns in to 3 or 4, in the box of donuts, the short temper with our loved ones, the inability to get up off the couch and just DO SOMETHING. Pain keeps us stuck and paralyzed.

Iylana Vanzant says that pain means

I love this message.  Whenever we find ourselves feeling lost, alone, insecure and overwhelmed–it doesn’t mean we need to put on a smile and think positive…it means we need to look inward and look at what we are running from.  What story is playing there that we just don’t want to see? What belief system do we have playing unconsciously that we are trying to avoid?  What truth are we just not admitting out loud?

Inevitably where there is emotional pain, there is a story or a belief that needs to be expressed and released.  Unfortunately pain is a part of life…but it is just a part…it doesn’t need to encompass our whole life.  Only when we can find healthy outlets to explore, express and release our pain will it enable us to move forward into happier more fulfilling lives.   And then rinse and repeat.  Anytime you have a feeling of PAIN–pay attention inward now—explore, express and release.

Bottom line:  we are beautiful, wise, loving imperfect human beings…just as we are.  We aren’t SUPPOSE to be living in pain, we aren’t SUPPOSE to be feeling tired, insecure and overwhelmed–when we do, something is wrong and if we don’t explore, express and release the pain it will slowly take over our lives.  Unreleased pain keeps us from living happier.

How do you feel your pain?  What unresolved stories are you telling yourself that keep you stuck?