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Episode 023: There is No Right Answer

Episode 023
 Too often we are looking for the perfect combination of a+b+c=happiness. What to do when that just isn’t the case.


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Weekly Ritual Segment:

One thing that has really helped me Live Happier is adding regular ritual practices to my daily life so each week I am going to be sharing a ritual with you and challenge you to complete it

Take 3 Deep Breaths at a Stop Light

 Breath work is one of those areas I KNOW is good for me and yet struggle so hard to implement into my life. The more I study happiness and stress management the more I can’t avoid the power of the breath. This is an oldie but a goody but it is an easy way to introduce deep breathing into our lives.

Want some extra credit? Check out this 5-minute breathing exercise via Max Strom.

Do you have a favorite breathing exercise you do on a daily basis?

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