Episode 070: 2 Tips to be More Productive (without your Monger)

Episode 070: 2 Tips to be More Productive (without your Monger)

These two tips are easy ways to bypass your Monger, bring in your Biggest Fan AND get more done. Win-win!

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Hey everyone I’m so excited to be here. This is episode 70: Two tips to increase your productivity without your Monger. You know I finally decided today that I’m going to own that I don’t do this podcast once a week and every time I finish this I say and I’ll see you next week. And then it’s like two weeks later, so I’m going to own this podcast only comes out two or three times a month.  I have a lot of Mongers around the fact that I need to be really on it about having this come out the same time every week. But I am going to own that for right now the podcasts are going to be released sporadically. Things can change but for right now it’s just whenever I get inspired to do a podcast I do a podcast, and I try to do one at least every other week.

But today what I want to talk about are two tips I have to increase productivity, and these tips come from it was having a conversation with a client. But first, I need to back up a little bit before I get into the conversation with the client. One thing I’ve noticed with my journey into personal development staff and helping clients is when I first started out I had all these rules for myself and my clients. Such as you need to be speaking your needs you needed to be showing up for your life you need to be setting boundaries. And there were all these different “lessons” quote-unquote that I would teach people and talk about in practice.

And then over time I kind of realized that all those lessons are great and all that stuff is necessary. But all that stuff is completely useless if you don’t accept yourself where you are if you don’t have the belief that  I’m doing the best I can with what I have. And if you don’t have that belief then it doesn’t matter how much you speak your needs or doesn’t matter how much how many boundaries you set. And in actuality setting those boundaries and speaking those needs is even more challenging when you don’t accept yourself where you are. So I figured out for me everything starts with accepting myself where I am. And once I started doing that things kind of shifted in my life and it became less about following the rules quote unquote and more just about living my life to the best of my ability and sometimes that means I have a really crappy days and sometimes that means I have really awesome days. But I’m not questing all the time. I’m just kind of living my life.

So back to the conversation I was having with this client and we were talking about when did I kind of come to that realization you know was there a moment in time where I was like yes you know this is the key. And you know it never never goes down like oh how I wish they would just be a inspiration that would hit us. But I did share it with the client and I want to share it with you that in my life I found two things that started shifting. They really made a big difference in my productivity and my general like just giving myself a break and not having my Mongar speak quite so loudly.

And the first tip on that is to just to do the next thing and that sounds simple, but it is very challenging when you have a big project. Whether its something as simple as baking a cake or something as large as writing a book. Our Monger tends to get us hopped up into 10 steps down the road. And so we get all like oh my god I can’t do this it’s going to be too hard.

We get all hopped up and all these different steps way down the road. And my biggest fan will step in and say what’s the next step. Just do the next thing and that even if it’s just put the eggs into the batter. It helps me realize OK it’s just the next step that will get me to where I want to go if I just keep doing one step after the other. So it’s a form of talking about the baby steps cause it’s having your brain come up with what’s the next best step. So it’s a little bit of a different take on the baby steps thing because it’s just what’s the next step here. What do I do next.

You know this came up this week for me and my husband lovingly pointed out the what’s your next step mantra. I have the last round of edits on the book and I’m getting ready to do a big marketing push and I’m very excited about that. And nervous marketing is not my strong suit to toot my own horn is hard for me. But I’m laying out a really specific marketing plan and my Monger is all fired up about that. And this week I had planned to wrap up the edits and then next week it was going to start on this marketing plan. And so, of course, my Monger was 10 steps ahead already working on the marketing plan and beating myself up because I hadn’t gotten the marketing plan that I shouldn’t be wasting my time doing these edits I should be able to do both and blah blah blah.

You know how goes. And so finally I was downstairs kind of lamenting the marketing plan to my husband. And he said to me what’s your next step. I thought we were doing edits this week and it was so like yeah that is what I’m doing this week this week I am doing edits. That’s my next step. And then I can get into the marketing plan and I could take that one step at a time rather than constantly being like oh my God. So you need to see the big picture but then also be able to break it down into little baby steps. So that’s my tip one just to ask yourself what’s the next step here. And then tip two is one that was hard for me to implement and that is celebrate the wins and you know for those of us who are perfectionists and control freaks and all that stuff which I’m one of them it’s really hard to celebrate. Celebrate the wins, and I’m talking the little wins like I’m talking you put the cake in the oven when.Baby wins and the more you can celebrate those wins. I think the more the biggest fan comes into comes into your life. Because the biggest fan is all about celebrating those wins and all about you owning the victories. And so the more we can celebrate and own I did something cool today and the happier we’re going to be and the more productive are going to be because the more likely we’re going to want to keep doing it.

So every day at the end of the day I try to celebrate the win. So literally I will be like ok what went well today. And not just in a grateful way but in a what did I do today that was challenging for me. Did I make a phone call that was hard?. Did I send an e-mail that felt uncomfortable? Doesn’t have to be a huge victory. And that’s where our Monger steps in the tell oh we have to be to be worthy of celebrating.

Well getting out of bed every day making coffee can be worthy of celebrating if you’re having a really bad day. So to be honest with yourself to be like I am up and moving and I have my coffee and the kids are out the door. And you know the days starting I want to celebrate and by celebrate I mean do a little dance or wiggle. Do something physical in your body that that’s acknowledging the celebration. Not just write it down and be like oh check that off the list but celebrate it full body celebration. That’s why I like the weekly ritual challenges because they give us a way to celebrate that. Some of them with the wiggling and the dancing and the you know this weeks. It’s going to be some jazz hands.I’ll talk about that in a little bit.

You know a fun way of getting in your body and celebrating. So not just a mental celebration but a full on physical celebration of the little things the little victories in your life. Those two things have greatly increased my productivity. One is just asking myself What’s the next logical step and just doing that. And two is celebrating every little tiny thing even when I go to the grocery store which we all know I hate doing when I’m done a do a little celebration because that was something I didn’t want to do and did it. And that is I need to honor the celebration of that. OK, now it’s time for the favorite part of the show the weekly ritual challenge. And I have found that really getting in your body and this is going to be helpful with the celebration piece is very important to living happier and bringing in that biggest fan.


Weekly Ritual Segment:

One thing that has helped me Live Happier is adding regular ritual practices to my daily life so each week I am going to be sharing a ritual with you and challenge you to complete it.

Jazz Hands

This week’s weekly ritual challenge is todo Jazz Hands.  I love the rituals that are a little silly because they help me not only get in my body but to laugh while doing it. You can do your Jazz hands up high near your face, or you can do them down low by your legs if you don’t want to draw attention to yourself.

The point of these challenges is to get you out of your everyday thoughts (the thoughts of your Monger) and into your body so you can more easily tune into yourself. (the wisdom of your Biggest Fan.)

Check out my Instagram where I share my daily check in with the weekly ritual practice. It is a helpful way for both of us to stay accountable to the practice.

If you have questions or thoughts or anything, please email me at nancyjane@live-happier.com, or you can follow me on Instagram, @nancyjane_livehappier. Until next time here’s to living happier.

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