Episode 030: What’s Underneath your Procrastination

Episode 030: What’s Underneath your Procrastination

Episode 30
Today we are turning the problem of procrastination on its head. Easy strategies to help you work through the problem of procrastination.

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Weekly Ritual Segment:

One thing that has really helped me Live Happier is adding regular ritual practices to my daily life so each week I am going to be sharing a ritual with you and challenge you to complete it

Engage in an Evening Ritual

Many people have a morning ritual. Even if it is a simple as brush your teeth and make coffee. We do the same set of things every morning that allows us to wake up and start the day. But when we end the day we expect to be able to brush our teeth and fall into bed.  Which for many of us, leads to waking up in the middle of the night unable to shut off our brains. Research has shown that if you engage in an evening ritual and allow yourself to prepare the fall asleep that the middle of the night wake up is less likely.

Here are some examples pick one or all of them!

  • Turn off all electrical devices.
  • Light a candle
  • Dim the lights
  • Enjoy a cup of herbal tea.
  • Silently name or write down the five things you were grateful for that day.
  • Stretch
  • Read a book

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