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Episode 017: I Think I Am Addicted to my Phone.

Episode 17n
Do you spend too much time on your phone? Is your phone controlling your life?  Last week I realized mine is more prominent in my life than I want it to be so I declared this month a Screen Free Month. Here how it is going.


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Show Notes:

Paula Poudstone Video that inspired it all:. Paula Poundstone on CBS Sunday Morning.

Weekly Ritual Segment:

One thing that has really helped me Live Happier is adding regular ritual practices to my daily life so each week I am going to be sharing a ritual with you and challenge you to complete it

Ask Yourself Does this Really Matter?

I have been doing this more in my everyday life. While sitting in traffic or in line, I ask myself does it matter if there is traffic? Can I do anything about this? Nope. I can’t. Reminding myself to breathe, relax and remember some things are out of my control (ok most things are out of my control) is helpful.

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