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Episode 015: A Live Happier Red Flag: I SHOULD be Happy

Episode 015n
One of the biggest red flags to me is when someone says, I should be happy….Listen to hear what the phrase  “I SHOULD be happy” really means…

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 Weekly Ritual Segment:

One thing that has really helped me Live Happier is adding regular ritual practices to my daily life so each week I am going to be sharing a ritual with you and challenge you to complete it

Just Brush Your Teeth (no multi-tasking

I am the queen of multi tasking while brushing my teeth—and this week I decided to implement the ritual of just standing in one place and brushing my teeth. To be fully present to my teeth brushing to do a body scan, notice my thoughts and just be fully present. It has made a difference in my stress level and I challenge you to do the same.

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