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Enjoying the In-Between

I wrote this post back in 2008—but it still applies today.  Life is a process, frequently we are in the ‘in-between time’.  As an ode to the warm weather we have been having–I thought it was worth a repeat.

I love this time of year–the strange time when the heat of summer is not quite over but the chill of fall isn’t here yet either. It is too hot for sweaters during the day but too cold for shorts at night.  It isn’t quite summer and it isn’t quite fall–it is in between–“fummer” if you will.

It got me thinking about all the times throughout our lives when we are in a fummer–not quite in one place or the other–we are simply on the road. Not quite in that perfect relationship, not quite figured out the job, not quite happy. We are in fummer–actually most of our lives we are in that in between place–we just don’t realize it or embrace it.

To often we are waiting for the next season or long for the past season. We are fantasizing about the snow or depressed because the days by the pool are gone. We aren’t enjoying the fummer when it is sunny and bright during the day and cool enough to have the windows open at night. We are dreaming about when our job will be perfect and missing out on the fact that we had a great meeting this morning or received a compliment from a boss today. We lament ‘the one that got away’ rather than seeing the funny cute woman at the coffee shop who talks to us every time we are in there.

We miss the fummer because we are too busy looking at our past or leaping into the future. Enjoy your fummer! It won’t be here for long!!

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