You don't have to live stressed out and exhausted.

dive deep

Registration for the Deep Dive is currently closed. Click here to be notified when the next Deep Dive opens.

It is about Living Happier.

 It’s time to get out of your head, get into your heart. It’s time to Live Happier


The Live Happier Deep Dive is a 4-month group and individual coaching program for 5 strong, heart-centered, courageous, women who want to real changes and create lasting friendships.

The Deep Dive is ideal for you if:

  • you want things to be different; you have lost faith that YOU CAN make changes. You have tried the strategies, read the self-help books and you want real lasting change.
  • you are tired of doing it alone; you know you need help, and you want to do that with a small intimate group that you can trust.
  • you recognize your tendency is to put everyone else first. You want this year to be more about your goals and priorities.
  • you are willing to laugh at yourself and have a good time.
  • you are familiar with the work of Brené Brown you know vulnerability is the key…but how are you suppose to be vulnerable when judgment and criticism are so common.
  • you’re craving real friendships — women who you can be yourself around–who lovingly support and challenge you. Your “Marble Jar Friends” as Brené Brown says.

The Deep Dive is not ideal for you if:

  • you don’t want to share in a group setting.
  • you aren’t ready to do some deep self-exploration.
  • you don’t have any concept of a goal you want to accomplish.
  • you’re not willing to commit to yourself and your growth for 4 months

What Will You Gain from the Deep Dive?

You will be setting a personal goal/intention that you will be working on individually with the support of the group and myself throughout the 4 months.

Maybe you want to:

  • Find a new job?
  • Make peace with your body?
  • Be more connected with your spouse?
  • Figure out what to do when you retire this year?
  • Set a plan for what to do after the kids leave the house this summer?
  • Start trusting yourself and building your confidence?
  • Or something completely different…

This intention/goal will serve as a jumping off point for the deep dive work.

Which includes:

  • A greater understanding of yourself.
  • Strategies for dealing with the inevitable pitfalls that come in life
  • Getting to know your inner bully and learning how to quiet her ever present critical voice.
  • A deep look at setting boundaries…saying no, letting go of a life of obligations
  • Getting out of your own way, recognizing when you are stuck in perfectionism and people pleasing and how to get out of that pattern.
  • Showing up for your life. Being vulnerable.
  • Nurturing quality friendships—limiting drama in your life.

The Deep Dive includes:

  • Opening Retreat at the Live Happier Loft
  • 7 Individual Coaching sessions with Nancy Jane scheduled anytime within the 4 months.
  • Group Coaching twice a month with your fellow divers…7 sessions
  • Closing Retreat at the Live Happier Loft
  • Lots of worksheets and other fun surprises
  • Access to the Deep Dive Intensive Programs ONLY offered to Deep Dive Graduates.

Here’s How it Works

At the first retreat, we will be setting intentions/goals for your 4-month deep dive.

Throughout the 4 months of the Deep Dive, we will be working towards your individual goals, AND you will be working on yourself.  This 2 fold process will allow you to apply the Live Happier concepts to make real change in your life.

Imagine yourself after you give yourself some intentional time.  

You will:

  • Have more self-compassion.
  • Live a life based on your values and priorities…not what anyone else tells you is important.
  • Not be a slave to your to-do list.
  • Know how to put yourself first and let go of “the need to please.”
  • Know you can be honest with yourself and can confidently handle whatever comes your way (setting boundaries, speaking up and dealing with defeat).
  • Basically, Living Happier.

Registration for the Deep Dive is currently closed. Click here to be notified when the next Deep Dive opens.

The Nitty Gritty:


  • I intentionally designed this program for 2 reasons, based on what my clients have told me. First, you are looking for friendships, and meaningful connections AND real change comes much faster when we have the challenge and support of people who want us to succeed.
  • Secondly, you want lasting change and lasting change takes time. We need TIME to dive deep. To Live Happier, you need to Dive Deeper. We need to time to put down the to-do list and just sit with ourselves.  Time to take a big exhale and see what comes up. We need to process our lives so we can make strategies to move forward. We need TIME to develop a trusting, compassionate community to make REAL change.
  • Because we will be working individually and with group support your Deep Dive will bring more results and lasting change.

First Retreat at the Loft

  • We will be starting our adventure together with a two-day retreat at the Live Happier Loft Friday evening and Saturday.
  • During this retreat, there will be time to get to know the other group members. You will be planning YOUR Deep Dive, deciding what your top goal(s) for the 4 months will be and starting the process of getting to know yourself and the other ladies as well.
  • There will be group time and plenty of time for re-grouping individually.
  • From Fridays’ dinner to Saturdays’ lunch your workshops, classes, meals, wine and special surprises are all covered.

One On Ones with Nancy Jane

  • You’ll schedule one-on-one time with me to dive deep into your goal.
  • You will have 7 one-on-ones that you can schedule anytime in the 4 months. Ideally, you would schedule them heavier towards the beginning of the 4 months and lighter at the end. But I am leaving it up to you to trust yourself and know best.
  • These aren’t going to be your typical individual sessions…it isn’t endless naval gazing for the sake of naval gazing.  Yes, we will talk about your past. But we will use that insight and information to change your future. This is YOUR time to concentrate on YOUR goals. These sessions are to help you figure out what is getting in your way of lasting change and to learn strategies to get beyond it.

Small Group Meetings

  • We will meet twice a month at the Live Happier Loft. The first meeting will be a class format where I will be introducing the topic of the month. You will receive handouts and worksheets on that month’s topic. The second meeting will be for group coaching and support to clarify any questions, concerns or ah-ha’s you have had on that month’s topic. …7 meetings in total.
  • We will celebrate wins and support each other through our challenges.
  • Each month will have a different theme and the group gatherings are a way for you to learn, implement and challenge each other on the topic of the month.

On-line Support

  • Throughout our time together and continuing throughout 2017 you will have access to a private online group for sharing resources, networks and strategies.
  • This group will provide you easy and quick access to Nancy and your fellow deep divers for support, camaraderie, constructive feedback, and compassion.
  • This group will be a lifeline for all of us…even after the Deep Dive officially ends.

Final Retreat at the Loft

  • We will be ending our time official time together with a one day retreat.
  • Saturday we will be celebrating our success. Planning for 2017 and continuing to hone in what it means to truly live our lives from our individual priorities and values.
  •  Your workshops, classes, meals, and special surprises are all covered.

Deep Dive Group Exploration Themes

Getting to Know You.  Showing Up In Your Life

Speaking Up and Saying No

Perfectionism and People Pleasing

Inner Critics and Rising after Failure

What else is included in the Live Happier Deep Dive?

  • Worksheets/ Handout and lots of fun surprises
  • The Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment™
  • Free copies of my 2 books:  Juice Squeezed: Lessons Learned from a Quest to Live Happier and This Stuff Is Hard: Making Peace with Your Anxiety

This is your time to find peace, take back control of your life, and Live Happier.

Join me.

Ok, so what is the cost?

  • $1,600 for all 4 months paid in one lump sum or $425/month
  • An application is required—I want to make sure each group member is the right fit for what we are trying to do. I don’t want to waste your time if this isn’t a good fit for you.


Registration for the Deep Dive is currently closed. Click here to be notified when the next Deep Dive opens.

Frequently Anticipated Questions:

I like to plan ahead. What are the dates and formats for the group meetings?

TBD Retreat at the Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD At the Live Happier Loft
TBD Retreat at the Loft


What if I life gets crazy and I need to bail?

Because we are doing some deep diving here, you might have the desire to bail,…it is the nature of the beast and usually means you are on to something. AND there will be lots of support which hopefully will alleviate the desire to bail. Because of the very limited number of people who can join, I can’t refund you once enrollment closes.

Will it feel like a lot of work? The Term Deep Dive is freaking me out.

True change takes times and work. While it won’t require hours of working on homework, it will require daily practice and commitment. Being intentional is fundamental to the work we will be doing.

What past participants in The Deep Dive have said:

“Thank you Nancy Jane and the DEEP DIVE!! Thank you for supporting and encouraging me to open my heart to who I am and giving me the space to find the courage to live my life: vulnerable, fully engaged, moment to moment with a full heart! I still have a long way to go but I am already so far from where I use to be, and I am proud of that” –30-something

“The Deep Dive has allowed me to literally ‘let go” and recognize I can make changes in my life…I know how to do that work now.  Most of all it has allowed me to fully embrace my life with all the imperfections. Thank you for this transformational experience.  –40 something 

“This four-month course is impactful, enlightening and helped reteach me how to ask for what I wanted and how to be the real person I wanted to be.  And the bonus is you find other women, with similar questions who are ready to share their stories, help you share your story, and work together to realize we are not alone in this world.  We can have what we are searching for by embrace changes in ourselves that promote healthier relationship with our friends and family. I encourage anyone who wants to look deeper into their soul and live a fuller, happier more compassionate and courageous life to take the step into the Deep Dive course.  This course is a life changer!!”–60 something female

“Wow, I wish this could last longer!! I have read a lot of books and attended a lot of on-line classes but there is something so powerful about working with other people on these topics AND getting one-on-one help. I can’t believe how much my life has changed.” –40 something female

Questions?  Doubts? Concerns?

I WANT to hear them.  Please contact me (nancyjane(at) and we can discuss it. I designed this program because I want real change for you.

I want you to Live Happier so let’s talk.


Registration for the Deep Dive is currently closed. Click here to be notified when the next Deep Dive opens.