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Dear Santa: Creating YOUR Wish List.

Last year, at the end of December I wrote a post about the magic of visiting Santa and Creating our Wish Lists.

Here is an excerpt from that post:

I remember it like it was yesterday, entering Santa Land at the Downtown Lazarus store in Columbus.  It was a HUGE deal to go to the ‘big city’ and enter the fancy department store only to be transported to magical Santa Land.  I remember waiting patiently (although I probably wasn’t very patient) and finally having my turn on Santa’s lap.  After much deliberation and pondering I hopped up on Santa’s lap and told him my wish list, smiled for the camera and assured him I had been good.  And then just like that it was over.  I remember feeling so at peace, so joyful that everything was going to be fine, I would get my gift of choice because I had talked with the ‘big man’ himself. 

It always is interesting to ask people about their Santa Stories…inevitably they will be transported back in time and will describe in full detail a Santa Experience that is near and dear to their hearts.  As I was thinking today about my own Santa Story–I was thinking about my wish list.  The amount of time and care I spent on that list, thinking about what I wanted, perusing through catalogs and generally just taking time for myself to figure out what would be the best gift.  How rarely we do that today, I seldom think about what I want for Christmas.  Much by my design, gift giving has become more the norm in my world.  But when you think about the concept of a magical wish list, offering that up to someone who seems larger than life and believing that he will produce it…it is a little freeing, a little magical, a little fun.

From that post,  I came up with the idea of creating our own Wish List.  If you could ask Santa for anything what would it be??  If there truly was a magical being who could grant your wishes what would you ask for?

 I love this activity because

  1. It really allows us to DREAM.
  2. It allows us to get crystal clear on what is most important in our lives.
  3. It helps us set intentions/resolutions for next year.

The assignment is:  

  • Make a Wish List
  • List all the things you want for your life from the practical, (a new stove) to the ridiculous (a trip around the world) and everything in between.  Get creative.
  • Think about changes you would want in your life, additions you would make, and things you could do without.
  • Your list can have 2 items or 200…it doesn’t matter.
  • THEN pick your top 3-5 wishes.
The Assignment is Due:
  • January 3rd
  • At that time I will let you know what we are going to do with these wishes.
Good Luck!!  Feel free to share your wishes in the comments!!

Photo Credit: Geishaboy via Flickr

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