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Clarity and Change

One thing I know for sure is that a key to living happier is clarity.  Clarity on what it is you value, need, want,  and desire for you life.  As well as clarity around what you have currently in your life.  I feel that my gift is helping my clients get more clear on what it is they want out of life as well as seeing what they have accomplished in life. Recently I have been working on getting more clarity for myself.  Clarity around my business and were I want to take this blog and my services.

Sometimes from clarity comes change, so over the next few weeks you will be seeing some changes around here.  Changes with my website, my blog and my services.  Don’t panic–Living Happier will still be a major topic I am just going to get a little more focused, a little more clear on the most important area(s) for me when it comes to Living Happier.

So I apologize that I have been more quiet here on my blog lately–and I promise once I get this new focus up and running (hopefully early next week!) you will be hearing LOTS more from me.

Be sure to check back in next week to see the exciting new changes!!

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