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Why Giving More Doesn’t Always Make You More Lovable

Why Giving More Doesn’t Always Make You More Lovable

This Thursday we are continuing the Trust Yourself Already series by talking about The Fine Fine Line between Caring and Over Caring….learn some tips on how to stop people pleasing, keep healthy boundaries and gain joy from giving again. Register here. I recently saw this pic and it made me go yes!!!  So many of… Continue Reading

Busy Busy Busy

Watching this clip makes me laugh and then it makes me stressed…because I can relate. I can see our crazy culture as we run around from thing to thing with new real introspection around WHY we are so busy.    The new standard answer to, “How are you doing?” is “Oh, busy, busy, busy”  It… Continue Reading

Is Resentment Hiding Under Your Acceptance? 6 Warning Signs.

Here’s a scenario. You are dropping the kids off at school and one of the other mom’s runs up to ask you if you would be able to pick her kids up and watch them later that day.  “My babysitter canceled last minute, can you help?” Immediately, you think. “No, I have errands to run… Continue Reading

Ditching the Superwoman Cape

I am excited to be back.  For those of you who don’t know I had surgery a month ago today and have been at home recovering. It has been a challenging road but I am feeling much better and almost back to myself. To be quite honest, now that I am on the other side… Continue Reading

Blast from the Past: The Power of the Should

This week, while I am still in recovery mode I thought I would share some oldies but goodies from the the archives.  This was originally posted in March, 2010. Should.  It is such a powerful word.  The statement ‘don’t should all over yourself’ is one that is pervasive in the self-help/therapy community. Yet these shoulds come… Continue Reading