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It is Ok to Say No

It is Ok to Say No

This post originally appeared in September of 2013, but I needed to read it again this week in lieu of family being in town as a reminder to myself that I don’t ‘have to engage in every activity with them.  This Thursday we are continuing the Trust Yourself Already series by talking about Speaking up for Yourself at the Loft…learn some… Continue Reading

Crying in Public: Healthy Release or Embarrassing Weakness?

One complaint many of my clients have is their tendency to cry when they get overwhelmed.  While crying is a perfectly normal response to pain, frustration and sadness…it can get in the way. The problem is when those tears start leaking out at inappropriate times, at work, in a big meeting, in the middle of a… Continue Reading

Making Intentional Decisions: Questions to Ask Yourself.

Making Intentional Decisions: Questions to Ask Yourself.

One of my favorite words is intentional.  I believe that when we bring intention to our lives we can reduce anxiety and live happier.  Too often we make decisions from a place of obligation, should, guilt, or habit.  The most frequent compliment I receive from clients is that I help them get honest about their… Continue Reading

Getting Around Speaking Our Needs

Last week at the Live Happier Wine Night we discussed the topic of Speaking Your Needs. I wanted to share one of my favorite parts of that discussion–and the part that generated the most ah ha’s. As you know if you have been following me for a while I am a HUGE believer in speaking… Continue Reading

Trust Yourself Already Q&A: Speaking Up

Chasing that carrot is exhausting! Step off the race track and let’s get real for a minute. I spent a long time living a life that most people would think was fabulous, but I just wasn’t happy. Was I ungrateful for what I had? No, I just knew that I wanted something else. And, more… Continue Reading