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Building Anxiety Resilience: A Conveyor Belt of Thoughts

Building Anxiety Resilience: A Conveyor Belt of Thoughts

If you struggle with anxiety, one of the hardest things to do is relax.  Sitting still is so painful you would rather put toothpicks under your fingernails.  The minute you sit still you become over run with THOUGHTS. Lots and lots of thoughts. Here is a common example of thoughts an anxious brain might have: “OK… Continue Reading

I Don’t Do Meditation.

I Don’t Do Meditation.

“I Don’t Do Meditation.” I’ve said that over and over again. I’ve said it to clients, I’ve said it at speaking events, and I’ve said it to people who regularly meditate.  Inevitably, people nod and smile and agree that Meditation is hard. Then, a few months ago, I thought: what if the reason I don’t… Continue Reading

Meditations for those Who Hate to Meditate

We hear it all the time: “The Number One way to reduce stress is to Meditate” And it’s true. And for many of us (me included) mediation is HARD, if not down right painful. The idea of sitting quietly for even 2 minutes can be down right fear inducing!!  So while yes, meditating has amazing… Continue Reading

Just Be.

I really enjoy the concept of a word/theme for the year.  It feels so much more expansive than one particular resolution.  A word can apply to a variety of situations.  Last year, my theme was I am enough and that continues to be a theme in my life and in fact influenced my 2014 theme. This year I… Continue Reading

Finding Magic in the Mundane: Why It is So Freakin’ Hard.

You have heard it before: “living happier starts in allowing yourself to live in the moment” or “the sacred part of life is in the every day moments”   We KNOW this mentally it isn’t that we don’t understand the concept. So why can’t we do it?!?!  Today I want to give some tips for… Continue Reading