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My Favorite Posts of 2017

A couple of years ago, I started posting my favorite posts of the previous year. I like the idea of looking back and reflecting. I tend to be so forward focused it is nice to pause and see where I have been. So here are some of my favorites from 2017. Would You Treat Your… Continue Reading

Feeling Paralyzed? I was Too…Here’s What I Did About it.

I am a professional who’s job it is to help people overcome their Monger. The voice in their head that shames and limits them.  And man oh man has my Monger voice been chatting lately about what has been happening in our country. I wanted to write a quick blog because I assume your Monger’s voice… Continue Reading

An Open Letter to Self Help Junkies

  Hello My Dear, My love.  I know you. I can so relate to you. The hunger for more books, more articles, more resources that will tell you how to be better, kinder, gentler, happier.  I know the joy from thinking this resources, this tip, this idea will be the answer, I know the exhaustion… Continue Reading

Meet Your Biggest Fan

For me, a game changer in living happier is listening to the voice of my Biggest Fan. We all have countless voices that are playing in our heads all day, but for the most part, we have three voices. One of them is our Monger. It’s constantly telling us how terrible we are and how much… Continue Reading

Almost 12 Weeks Ago…

Almost 12 weeks ago my Dad died. 8 weeks ago I shared the news to my email list, and I haven’t mentioned a word of it since. I have announced a new website, shown pictures of my new office but I haven’t talked much about the foundational shift and what at times feels like an… Continue Reading