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True Confession

Last week was World Mental Health Week. A week designed to raise awareness about the stigma attached to mental health. In that spirit, I wanted to share my stigma with you and my journey to overcome it. Not surprising, as with all types of stigma, our stigma about mental health is wrapped up in our own stories and… Continue Reading

This Isn’t Just About The Stigma of Mental Illness

This week my heart was heavy after the suicides of 2 famous people and the release of the CDC report saying suicide rates are at an all-time high. I did what I always do when my heart is heavy, I wrote. It is time for a revolution. Press  to Listen Essay: This week we lost 2… Continue Reading

Who are you loyal to?

One trait all my clients share is a strong sense of Loyalty to others. Loyalty to their mothers, fathers, spouses, kids, friends, work and the world in general. They are the caregivers for their aging parents. Loyalty to others. They are the listeners, supporters, lovers, givers, cheerleaders, fans, head-down-get-the-job-done workers. Loyalty to others. They are… Continue Reading

The Moments of Living Happier

Photo credit: Lotte Meijer Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be happier? We all want to be happier, I named my business after it. And the one thing people always comment on is that they want to be happier. But what does it mean to be happier? To wake up… Continue Reading

Riding the Waves

Feelings. They get such a bad wrap. If there is one thing the psychology world has a lot of contradictory opinions on, it is feelings. Advice ranges from: You HAVE to feel your feelings. Don’t let your feelings run your life. Don’t be overly emotional. Don’t stuff your feelings. Anytime there is information coming from… Continue Reading