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This Isn’t Just About The Stigma of Mental Illness

This week my heart was heavy after the suicides of 2 famous people and the release of the CDC report saying suicide rates are at an all-time high. I did what I always do when my heart is heavy, I wrote. It is time for a revolution. Press  to Listen Essay: This week we lost 2… Continue Reading

Episode 086: You are the answer.

It is human nature to look outside of ourselves for the way to feel more peaceful, content or happier.  But the truth is only you have the answer. Not the next promotion, guru or approach, you have to figure out what works and make it happen for you. Press  to Listen Transcript: Check back! Coming Soon!… Continue Reading

Episode 085: What does a GOOD Day look like?

Today I offer a simple question to get your mind moving in different ways. We get so caught up in the ‘hamster wheel’ of life that we forget to ask ourselves are we living a life we want to be living?  In this episode I explore the question…what does a good day look like? Press  to… Continue Reading

Who are you loyal to?

One trait all my clients share is a strong sense of Loyalty to others. Loyalty to their mothers, fathers, spouses, kids, friends, work and the world in general. They are the caregivers for their aging parents. Loyalty to others. They are the listeners, supporters, lovers, givers, cheerleaders, fans, head-down-get-the-job-done workers. Loyalty to others. They are… Continue Reading

Episode 084: Things that Have been Annoying Me Lately

There are a lot of things in my industry lately that have just been rubbing me the wrong way, and so they’ve been making me feel kind of quiet and small. So instead of continuing on that quiet and small mantra, I wanted to air them and see if you guys agreed with me or… Continue Reading