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When Values Collide

Last night, I spoke at a local winery about Values–such a great combination a gathering of women, enjoying a couple glasses of wine talking about Living Happier–I mean I totally love my job–(end of gush). One thing I love about speaking to a group is the amazing, insightful questions I get.  To know that people… Continue Reading

Cookie Cutter Land

If you have ever watched the show Weeds, you have heard the song “Little Boxes” this song epitomizes the idea of cookie cutter loves–check out the video below. Or if you are watching this via email–check it out here. Thanks to BeautifulDay for the clever video of Ticky Tacky. This song always makes me smile,… Continue Reading

Finding and Sharing Your Gifts

I believe we were brought here to this earth to share our gifts, to become the best version of ourselves possible.  Just pause and think about that.  You were put here on earth: To celebrate:  WHO YOU ARE. To share YOUR UNIQUENESS. To give YOUR GIFTS. When we look at life from this perspective it… Continue Reading

Live Happier Tip: Name Your Values

This weekend a friend of mine and I were watching the movie City Slickers.  In the movie, Billy Crystal and his friends have gone on a vacation to a ranch to drive cattle.  While there he meets an old cowboy named Curly (Jack Palance).  My favorite scene in the movie is when Billy and Jack… Continue Reading