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Making Time for Empathy

Making Time for Empathy

This week I was stunned (as I think most of us were) to hear about the passing of Robin Williams. It is so sad that a person known for bringing us such joy and laughter suffered such a private hell of sadness and depression. His suicide hit home the truth that we really don’t know what others are… Continue Reading

When You Feel Like an 8th Grader Learning Advanced Calculus

Recently I had someone say to me that in Living Happier there are days she feels like she has a Ph.D. in Living Happier, and there are days she feels like she is a Kindergartener.  Meaning there are days when everything is clicking, Mongers are put in their place, anxiety takes a back seat, and… Continue Reading

The Power in Leaking

For those of you who haven’t heard–last week on our first day of vacation in San Francisco I had a literal run-in with a Segway. Newsflash: Segways can be dangerous.  So here I am 10 days later in a walking boot and crutches–no breaks just a bone bruise and ankle sprain. To say the least… Continue Reading

When Empathy Becomes Responsibility

Empathy is a wonderful, amazing strength. Empathy as defined by Merriam-Webster is: The action of being sensitive to and vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experience of another. The ability to be empathetic is a gift.  It allows you to understand where someone is coming from and offer support, and encouragement. For those of us… Continue Reading