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How We Ignore Our Voice–3 Mistakes We all Make.

  Yesterday I got a haircut–a cute short, sassy, blonde do.   I have not had hair short in years so this is quite the change for me.  Before I left for the salon my husband said, “Are you sure?” and I said, “Yep, I am ready I am excited I am ready for a… Continue Reading

Is Resentment Hiding Under Your Acceptance? 6 Warning Signs.

Here’s a scenario. You are dropping the kids off at school and one of the other mom’s runs up to ask you if you would be able to pick her kids up and watch them later that day.  “My babysitter canceled last minute, can you help?” Immediately, you think. “No, I have errands to run… Continue Reading

What Judging Others REALLY Means…

Judgment.  It is something we all struggle with in our lives.  It is a part of being human.  It keeps us safe, it keeps us protected and it keeps us small.  Judgment allows us to not take risks, to not stretch our boundaries and to not build connections.  When we are in the mode of… Continue Reading

Living Happier Through Conflict

Living Happier Through Conflict

I am constantly amazed how every day the choice to live happier is presented to me.  In my opinion, living happier is a choice, it is a choice to have awareness in my life, to have curiosity about situations and to take action based on my thoughts, feelings and needs. Those choices to live happier… Continue Reading