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Making Time for Empathy

Making Time for Empathy

This week I was stunned (as I think most of us were) to hear about the passing of Robin Williams. It is so sad that a person known for bringing us such joy and laughter suffered such a private hell of sadness and depression. His suicide hit home the truth that we really don’t know what others are… Continue Reading

6 Important Keystones for Living a Life with Limited Regrets

A keystone is the center stone in an archway.  It is the crux upon which everything else is built. In my view, these are the 6 most important keystones in your life in order to live a life with limited regrets.  Side note: I originally was going to say a life of no regrets, and then I thought that… Continue Reading

One Decision at a Time.

One of the misnomers about counseling/coaching is the idea that we need to be ‘fixed’ and that with a couple of sessions with me you can be ‘fixed’.  First off there is no fixing necessary. It is my belief that we are ok as we are, we just get lost and overwhelmed and pulled away… Continue Reading

How We Ignore Our Voice–3 Mistakes We all Make.

  Yesterday I got a haircut–a cute short, sassy, blonde do.   I have not had hair short in years so this is quite the change for me.  Before I left for the salon my husband said, “Are you sure?” and I said, “Yep, I am ready I am excited I am ready for a… Continue Reading