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Making Yourself A Priority

Making Yourself A Priority

The term self-care is WAY over-used.  It always seems too trite–get a massage, take a bubble bath, eat fancy chocolates.  Those are the cursory examples of self-care.  A big part of my Live Happier teachings is about knowing your values, knowing your priorities and living your life based on those priorities.  So earlier this year,… Continue Reading

Embracing My Grays – A Few Ah-Ha Moments

Recently, I made the surprising decision to stop coloring my hair.  I have been coloring my hair since my early 20s.  From that first time I went blond, I haven’t turned back… my hair has ranged from a very light shade of blonde to a dark auburn.  However, as I have aged, the quest to… Continue Reading

Live Happier Tip: Move your Body

Yes, we are back to basics this week for the Live Happier Tip: Move your Body.  Before you freak out about lack of time, no money to join a gym etc.  I am not talking about engaging in a 2 hour daily workout (if you enjoy that and want to do that I say Rock… Continue Reading