Busy Busy Busy

Busy Busy Busy

Watching this clip makes me laugh and then it makes me stressed…because I can relate. I can see our crazy culture as we run around from thing to thing with new real introspection around WHY we are so busy.    The new standard answer to, “How are you doing?” is “Oh, busy, busy, busy”  It is a badge of honor, a sign of productivity and even happiness. And we all know that is a myth.  Busy is exhausting. Busy is depleting. Busy is preventing us from trusting ourselves AND living happier.
The question is what is underneath the busy.  WHY ARE you SO busy?

What would happen if you paused, took a few breathes, took an inventory of your life and asked yourself:

Am I addicted to being busy?
Has my  to-do list become a black hole that gives me no satisfaction?
Am I engaging in activities want to?
Who’s schedule are you pleasing?
Am I resentful for saying yes when I mean no?

A reminder that YOU are not your busy. You are a thinking, feeling, human being with needs.  It is ok to stop the busy.

Taming Your Schedule is the first workshop in the 8 week Trust Yourself, Already! Series  The first step in trusting yourself is creating time for yourself—and when our schedules are busy busy busy that is hard to do. So join us at the Live Happier Loft on Thursday, June 4th and learn how to pause and learn some real strategies to stop the busy, busy, busy.



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