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The Happier Approach: Be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier and Still Accomplish Your Goals

After almost 20 years of working with women dealing with anxiety and stress. Nancy Jane Smith found that one thing that prevents us from feeling happier is how we talk to ourselves.

The voice that talks the loudest, is the Monger, who tricks us into beating ourselves up to become a “better” version of ourselves. The Happier Approach is a simple way to quiet the Monger, be kind to yourself and become more accomplished and productive.

Through humor and storytelling you will learn:

  • How to unhook the belief that being kind to yourself will make you soft and cut your competitive advantage.
  • The 3 characters that influence your ability to be happier.
  • When your Monger has taken over and what to do next.
  • Why your BFF can steer you in the wrong direction.
  • How to unleash your Biggest Fan so you can make decisions for your life without shame, or guilt and be genuinely happier.

You don’t need to stay in survival mode.

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Juice Squeezed: Lessons Learned from a Quest to Live Happier

Juice SqueezedIn both my presentations and my private practice, I am fascinated by the use of stories. The stories we tell ourselves, and the stories we tell each other. I believe stories play an invaluable role in life. Our stories define who we are, they help us express ourselves, and they give us a common ground to understand each other. Juice Squeezed is a collection of stories that first appeared on my blog at Stories from my own life and others that illustrate the struggle and joy we have in living a life with passion, purpose, balance, and awareness.

These are the stories I found most meaningful in my quest to Live Happier. My wish is that as you read them they add to your Live Happier Journey as well.


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This Stuff Is Hard: Making Peace With Your Anxiety

This Stuff is HardDo you have a negative voice in the back of your head? Many of us fall prey to the belief that our anxiety helps us improve. On the surface, that critical voice seems to help by pointing out areas where we could be better. In “This Stuff Is Hard: Making Peace With Your Anxiety,” I tell you the truth: we’re being tricked. Anxiety does not help us. It is completely possible to self-analyze and improve our lives without spinning on endless negativity, without hurting ourselves, and without doubting ourselves. In five distinct chapters, I delve into each aspect of the important process of reframing our critical inner voices. Each chapter deals with building awareness of anxiety, recognizing inner critics, being present with your thoughts, and understanding the patterns that lead to anxiety. Learning to live without that negativity will help you build a foundation for peace and happiness in your life. Perfectionism is an impossible quest, but Living Happier can be done every day.

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