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Episode 099: The Curse of “I’m Fine”

This week I had an ah-ha when I noticed I was stressed to the max but was telling myself ‘everything is fine.’ My body was screaming stress, and my anxiety was in full force, but my mind was trying to convince me it was no big deal. This is a classic pattern of High Functioning… Continue Reading

Episode 097: What is High Functioning Anxiety

Today I am looking at the term High Functioning Anxiety. What is it? Why I think it is important to differentiate from anxiety and how to know, you might be dealing with it. Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Book I recommend: First We Make The Beast Beautiful: A New Journey Through Anxiety by Sara… Continue Reading

Episode 096: Resistance or Procrastination

I am BACK! So excited to be back chatting with you.  Today I am sharing my personal story of both Resistance and Procrastination when it comes to the Happiness Hacks Podcast. Sometimes it is hard to tell which you are experiencing. I hope this episode helps!! Press  to Listen Show Notes & Links: Like the show? Leave… Continue Reading

Feeling Your Feelings: Two Different Scenarios

Here are two different scenarios: Scenario One: You wake up in the morning and you remember a business call with a difficult client you have later that day. You are immediately filled with dread and your Monger is talking a mile a minute. You tell yourself, “change your thoughts, think positive, it will be fine.”… Continue Reading