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Episode 065: You Don’t Need to Make Yourself Small

Recently someone said to me “I am done making myself small for people.” It struck me how often we do this and how it is linked to the way we talk to ourselves.  Are you making yourself small in your life? Tips to show up in your life fully. Press  to Listen Transcript: Hi and welcome.… Continue Reading

Episode 064: The Downside of Gratitude

Practicing Gratitude is an amazing practice that allows us to see the world through a different lens and regain some perspective. Too often I see people take this practice of gratitude and use it as a weapon on themselves.  In this episode, we look at the Downside of Gratitude and the 3 ways you can… Continue Reading

Feeling Paralyzed I was Too…Here’s What I Did About it.

I am a professional who’s job it is to help people overcome their Monger. The voice in their head that shames and limits them.  And man oh man has my Monger voice been chatting lately about what has been happening in our country. I wanted to write a quick blog because I assume your Monger’s voice… Continue Reading

Episode 063: Even More Myths of the Monger

Our Monger (that nasty inner voice) keeps us stuck in myths that make us feel more stressed and overwhelmed. Today I am unraveling 2 more of those myths: The Myth that THEY have it figured out The Myth that there is a Right Way Press  to Listen Transcript: Hi, and welcome. You are listening to the… Continue Reading