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Blog Break…Be Back in August


I preach a lot about self-care, self-compassion and listening to the whispers of your wise voice. Lately, my wise voice has been whispering for rest (Ok maybe she has been screaming for it ) Not just a vacation rest. Not just “a day at the spa” rest but the kind of rest that involves slowing down and reconnecting with what matters to me.  After MUCH debate I have decided to take a mini-media sabbatical in July.

So I will be taking the next 3 weeks to regroup and recharge and will be back in August.  I hope you can carve out time in July to give yourself some extra care. Whether that be traveling, taking a social media vacation, turning off your cell phone for a day or two or just giving yourself permission to get some more sleep.  We all need more rest and it is so key to be intentional about getting it.

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