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Back to Basics

This week my electricity went out due to a wind storm. For 30+ hours I didn’t have any power. What a great reminder of not only my dependency on electricity but also how filled with ‘activity’ my life has become. When I arrived home at hour 20 of no electricity just before sundown, I ran frantically around the house gathering candles and flashlights and preparing for a cold night in the dark. Then I gathered all my candles in one spot, pulled up my chair and sat for 2 hours and read my book. Two hours of reading!!! I couldn’t check my computer, couldn’t watch TV. 

It was too dark to clean the kitchen or clean my closet. I could just sit in one spot with my candles huddled under my blanket with my cat on my lap and read! What a fabulous gift. It made me realize I need to get back to basics–I need to plan regular ‘black outs’ into my schedule. Periods when I just CANNOT use my computer or watch TV or be productive. A time when I am forced to sit and read or sit and breath or just sit!!! Try it–Take one evening a week/a month when you and your family are forced just to be–no TV, no cleaning, no computer, no accomplishments–just intentionally being together.

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