Are You in Hiding?

Are You in Hiding?

Today, I challenge you what is keeping you from being amazing?  What is stopping you from really shining YOUR light, YOUR unique amazingly powerful light into the world?
How much time do you spend in hiding?  Hiding your lights, your gifts, your uniqueness.
Hiding takes on a lot of forms.

  • you don’t speak up because ‘what if I am wrong?’
  • you don’t explore a passion:  writing, reading, art, photography, glass blowing because you tell yourself “I can’t do that” “I am not good enough”
  • you don’t admit you were wrong (or show your vulnerability) because you are afraid no one will take you seriously again.
  • you don’t admit you were hurt because you need to make them feel ok.

You are in hiding whenever you aren’t being authentic to YOU.  Hiding means you are smothering a part of yourself in order to fit in, get approval or simply because it feels easier.
Honestly, we won’t ever Live Happier if we are in hiding.
First, we have to start paying attention to our hiding behaviors.
What are the ways in which you go in to hiding?

  • Not speaking up
  • Getting defensive
  • Not taking the risk
  • Bull-dozing to get your way

FYI, we hide in countless ways from physically hiding out in our rooms to entering the world with such false bravado and confidence that we plow over anything in our path.  Both mean we aren’t being our genuine selves.
Secondly, what are the triggers that cause you to go in to hiding? Is it a certain activity? A certain person? A certain time? A certain event?
Notice your hiding M.O.

  • When you hide?
  • How you hide?
  • With Whom you hide?

Thirdly, when are you not in hiding?  With whom and in what situations can you be 100% yourself and what does that feel like?  I bet it feels A LOT better to live in the moments where you aren’t in hiding.
As you build up your awareness of how it feels to be out of hiding, you can start practicing not hiding.  This practice needs to occur in SAFE PLACES.  It takes practice to start shining your light and showing yourself to the world—baby steps, my friend.  But I promise, with those baby steps, gradually the times of hiding will become less and less.
We all were put here for a wonderful purpose, to let our hearts shine, to give back to the world.  When we are hiding our gifts we aren’t serving anyone…least of all ourselves.

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  • Comment by Shelli at September 26, 2012 @ 3:24 pm

    Hi Nancy, I truly enjoy your blogs. They make me think and make me curious and they make me realize that I can Live Happier too! I am bipolar and have never truly been happy. Oh, I’ve had happy moments, but none that last more than just that moment. I am on social security and working with a job developer to gain confidence in myself and really find what career is best for my circumstances (leaning toward real estate sales). I was researching online to find that “magical” site that would help me gain more than just confidence and saw that some of my friends “liked” your page, so I checked it out. Now, I have a “magical” site that will also give me advice on Living Happier, along with the confidence I am sure to find! Thank you!

    • Comment by Nancy Jane at September 26, 2012 @ 7:13 pm

      Thank YOU for taking the time to write such a wonderful comment and sharing your story!! I am SO glad you found my site and that it is helping you Live Happier!! Sounds like you are headed in the right direction and reaching out for the support you need–nicely done (that is a step that many of us forget and one that is definitely needed!)
      Take Care-
      Nancy Jane