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Anxiety as a Badge of Honor


Frequently when I tell someone “I help people reduce their anxiety” I am met with the response, “Oh I totally need that…I have so much anxiety.”  Followed by an ever so subtle smile of pride.  I remember that smile of pride.  I remember wearing my anxiety as a badge of honor…and unfortunately we are living in a society that encourages that belief.

The belief is that anxiety:

  • makes me grouchy, exhausted and stressed out BUT it makes me productive.
  • disconnects me from my friends and family BUT I get a lot done.
  • leaves me with indigestion, headaches, neck pain BUT I am seen as having it all together.

Anxiety can be a result of neuro-biological hard wiring: I come from a long line of anxiety sufferers.


Anxiety is a habit. We can become addicted to the ‘high’ anxiety gives us of being productive, accomplishing a lot and looking ‘all together’. But at what price? Our health?  Our relationships?

Anxiety is not something to be glorified–it is something to build resiliency around.

The more I work with helping people live happier the more I believe that living happier comes through authentic living.  Authentic living means being able to say:

  • I am tired, I was up all night getting that report done because I procrastinated all last week.
  • I look together but I eat antacids like they are snickers bars..
  • we look like  we are fine financially, but I was up last night worrying what are we going to do about retirement?

Anxiety resiliency starts with admitting that anxiety IS NOT SERVING YOU. (true confession-it took me a long time to admit that.) But once I did I started building a life of anxiety resilience.  Take off the Badge of Anxiety and let’s strive for a Badge of Authenticity.

Next Thursday, August 28th,  I will be talking more about Building Anxiety Resilience at Wine Night at the Loft.  I hope to see you there.

I just published an e-book:  12 Tips to Reduce Anxiety and Live Happier.  These are the tips I have used in my own life to build anxiety resilience.  Check it out here.

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