Answering the Question WHO ARE YOU?

Answering the Question WHO ARE YOU?

In a world of conformity and perfectionism, where fitting in and being cool are always paramount, it is easy to lose yourself.
In a world of caring for children, meeting deadlines, cleaning and chores, it is easy to lose yourself.
In a world of lists making, task management, social media, 24 hour connectivity, it is easy to lose yourself.
Bottom line in this day and age–it is easy to lose yourself….

I believe one of the biggest reasons we are so anxiety filled and angst ridden is that we have lost contact with ourselves.  We are too busy living for others and we don’t celebrate our uniqueness.  

If you don’t know who we are:

  • How can we engage in the things we love?
  • How can we set intentions for our lives?
  • How can we give fully of ourselves to our families and our work?
  • How can we possible live happier if we have forgotten what makes our hearts sing?

So today we are going on a quest to find you again!!!

Today I ask WHO ARE YOU?  I mean really who are YOU?

Take 10 minutes and answer the questions below.  Feel free to share your favorite questions/answers in the comments.  Most importantly TAKE THE TIME to sit down with yourself and remember who YOU are.  
What makes you laugh? When was the last time you laughed out loud?
What movies do you love?
What is your favorite song, musician, or type of music?
What is your favorite drink?
What books can you read in one sitting?
What would you love someone to cook you for breakfast?

What sound do you love?

What one thing would you love to eliminate from each day?
Where do you love to vacation?
What is one place you want to see before you die?
What are some of your favorite places in the world
What is the last thing you did that thrilled you?
What would you do if you could live on a deserted island alone (and no one could see you) for a weekend?
If you had 5 words to describe yourself what would they be? (even if people might be surprised)
What scares you the most?
What are some of your favorite memories from high school or college or your 20s?
What was your favorite food as a child?
What is your favorite food now?
What activities do you enjoy?
What is your favorite form of exercise?
When you were in high school what did you think you would be doing at your age now?
I have one more task important task: Share some of your favorite answers with those closest to you or if you feel like sharing to a broader audience feel free to share in the comments section or on the Live Happier facebook page.
As we share more of our authentic selves with people it is harder for it to get buried.  As we share more of ourselves it becomes easier to live from a place of who we really are rather then who we think we SHOULD be.
Photo Credit:  SweetonVeg via Flickr.