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Answering the Call

 A few weeks ago a colleague of mine told me about the movie “Finding Joe“. It is about Joseph Campbell, the power of myth, finding your bliss and answering the call, all of my favorite topics. I highly, highly recommend the movie.

Since watching the movie I have been thinking about the concept of Answering the Call.  The concept of answering the call means that at some point in life you will get ‘a call’, a realization, or a shout-out from the universe saying THIS IS WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING WITH YOUR LIFE.  Granted, it isn’t a loud shout, more of a quiet whisper.  The people I have talked with who have experienced this call have described it as a knowing…a feeling of this is where I am suppose to be. Whether it be a career or a passion answering the call is a pivotal time in a person’s life.

Recently, I have been interviewing people who have answered a call in their lives either in their career or some other part of their life.

Some of the traits they had in common included:

  • They weren’t necessarily looking for ‘the answer’ but they were open to it.
  • They knew there was more to life and they were actively exploring themselves and their passions and interests.
  • When ‘the call’ came they didn’t question it, didn’t doubt it…they just acted.  Some have described it almost as if they didn’t have a choice…they HAD to act.  
  • They all experienced fear mongers, doubts, and demons.  Part of answering the call was dealing with those and over time they got less and less.  
  • In regards to fear mongers, every one said when they were actively engaging in their passion the fear mongers were less active.  
  • Some experienced more than one call in their lifetime.  But each ‘new call’ took them on a new journey. 
  • The call wasn’t always career related sometimes it was about a hobby or an interest. 

So I pose the question to you…you can respond in the comments below or just in your own private journal.  Are you open to the concept of the call?  Do you think it exists?  Have you answered the call in your own life?  If yes, what did it feel like to answer the call?  What area some of the fear mongers, doubts that are getting in your way?

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