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Announcing: The Name Your Dream Contest

Last week I watched the movie, I’m Fine Thanks.  It is a documentary, following a guy who has done everything he ‘should’ do in his life and is now on the quest to live a life he ‘wants’ to be living rather than ‘should be’ living.  He goes on the quest to interview people who are asking this same question of ‘is this all there is?’ and directs his first movie in the process (his own personal dream).

I HIGHLY, HIGHLY recommend the movie.  In fact, I love the movie SO much, I am going to give away 2 downloadable copies of it.

To enter, simply comment below on something you have always dreamed about doing! It can be anything from surfing to writing a work of fiction. Just name one dream below.

I know I am asking a BIG risk here, potentially a HUGE, GINORMOUS risk.  But saying your dream out loud is the very, very first step in actually achieving it.  For the most part, we are living in a society that discourages us from naming our dreams.  We are shamed into playing it safe, staying small and taking minimal risk.  The thing is there is no dream too small or too big as long as it is YOUR dream.  Dream big or dream small, just dream.  And say it out loud, say it to your cat, say it to strangers, say it to your partner.  Just start saying it and then start acting on it, baby step by baby step.

But first, say it below in the comments section and you will be entered to win a downloadable copy of the movie!!  Contest Expires: Wednesday, November 21st at noon EST. 2 winners will be chosen at random.

It doesn’t have to be a life changing dream, it could just be the dream of learning to play the guitar or traveling to Yellowstone National Park. When we stop dreaming, we stop living so let’s keep the dreams alive.

You can watch a preview of the movie here:

And remember to enter the contest to win a copy of the movie simply, comment below and share what you have always dreamed about doing. Contest Expires: Wednesday, November 21st at noon EST.


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6 Responses to Announcing: The Name Your Dream Contest

  1. Beth Swallow says:

    Dream: My high school motto was “Dare to Dream”. That was many years ago and the only reason I can remember it is that at a reunion they had matchbooks printed with the motto. However, in error, the print said “Dare to Drain” (!). I may be drained now, but I do have a dream. It is to move to a walking community where I can walk or bike to library, store, church, rec. center, etc. Currently I live in a suburban development, with no walkable destinations or sidewalks. I dream of walking or biking, meeting people, shopping at the local farmer’s market, participating in community events with my neighbors. I want my condo to sell so I can journey into my dream.

  2. Love it Beth! Thanks for sharing! Hopefully your condo will sell soon so you can have your dream!

  3. Hi. I read your blog and realized that most of my life is work, eat, sleep – making sure everyone is happy or OK and the shocker to me was that I couldn’t think of any dreams. Feels sort of numb… Any tips on how to get the “joy” back into your life?

  4. Stacey Gabel says:

    Twenty some years into my high school dream career, I dream of another career. I dream of a job where I think of the possibilities and the opportunities, not the dreary responsibilities. I’m not sure what this new dream job is, but I know it isn’t the one I’m living with now. I dream of a job that energizes me, not drains the energy out of me every day. I’m working on adding things into my life that “fill up my bucket” and most days that is enough. The days when those positive things are not enough send me dreaming…. Hopefully those dreams will come together soon and I will have a clear vision of a new career.

  5. Sondra, First thing I have to say is you are not alone!! I have many clients (especially women) who get stuck in the care taking role only to realize later they have lost sight of their own dreams. My initial tips would be slowly start carving out time for yourself, intentional time, where you can get away from the todo list and just let your mind wander, read, write, watch movies you love. Make time to get to know yourself again, at first it will be really uncomfortable and unnatural but gradually you will grow to love it. I have also found that looking at your past what did you dream about as a child, high schooler or early 20s? So often those dreams are still there and valid we have just lost sight of them. Hope that helps! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Hey Stacey,

    Sounds like you are on the right path–forging dreams takes time but it definitely starts with ‘filling up your bucket’ and paying attention to the people and activities that make it the most full! Keep dreaming and keep me posted!