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All Change is Incremental

This Thursday we will be discussing change, and specifically Moving Beyond Disappointment and Failure that happens with change at week 8 of the Trust Yourself, Already™ Course. For more information click here.

Recently I have been thinking a lot of about change: the challenge of change, the consistency of change and the constant need for change.  I can still remember sitting in my Gestalt Training Program and having my very wise teacher saying in his loud booming scratchy voice:  “Remember People, ALL CHANGE IS INCREMENTAL, ALL CHANGE IS INCREMENTAL, ALL CHANGE IS INCREMENTAL”  He would always say it 3 times and would always say it in full volume.

It is common wisdom to hear “people don’t change”. In all honesty, people do change we all grow develop become older and more mature, whether we want to or not.  But real change is HARD.  For anyone who has tried to start an exercise program, quit smoking or even switch jobs you can testify to how hard it is to change.  First thing you have to WANT the change secondly you have to be diligent about the change, paying attention to triggers, noticing self talk, understanding motivations and thirdly you just have to do it, take the baby steps and implement the change. It is a practice of intention and awareness.

So often I think we get discouraged because we forget ALL CHANGE IS INCREMENTAL.  If you want to start an exercise program and you haven’t worked out in years, maybe implementing a nightly walk is a great first step as opposed to committing to 1 hour at the gym 5 nights a week.  Committing to the nightly walk is a small incremental change, not a major lifestyle shift like going to the gym every night.

Similarly if you are looking to make a shift in your career, it isn’t necessary to go all in, quit your job, and figure out what’s next in the span of a month.  Figuring out what comes next takes time. Knowing what you value,  what you want for your life and the next steps is a process. Once you know what you want to change your career to the incremental changes begin, facing fears, looking for openings and schools, networking and generally facing all the voices in your head.

Change is a part of life, even major life changes that occur (accidents, deaths, job loss) take time to adjust to, the action may be immediate but the ripples of the change take effect in incremental bites.

Real change takes time, step by step, one small bite at a time.

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