Add a Little Silly

Add a Little Silly

Lately I confess it has been a little intense in my world.  With the new year came a new list of goals, ideas, projects etc. I have been a very head down, studious and hard working girl.  I have accomplished a lot, moved forward on a lot of goals and ideas.  Which is awesome and wonderful!!

Then amazingly, yesterday, I had a pleasant reminder of how much I love to laugh, and how laughter has been missing from my nose to the grindstone life of late. I couldn’t even tell you what happened but somehow I ended up laughing so hard I couldn’t catch my breathe.  And then I remembered how much I love to laugh, how good it feels to just let loose and be silly.  I am a big believer that in midst of all things you need to laugh–laughter is a key component to my work as a counselor.

It is important as you move through a transition, debate life issues, think about what comes next that you take time to laugh, to be silly, to blow off some steam.

I absolutely LOVE thinking about the best way to move forward, the next step in the path and different ways to grow personally and professionally.  I LOVE helping clients think about those concepts and figure out what comes next.  However, I also LOVE to just be silly.  I love to laugh until I can’t breathe, dance until my legs want to fall off, and just plain have fun.  And I confess I don’t do it nearly enough. Fortunately for me I have people in my life who remind me the importance of being silly, cutting loose and just ENJOY life.   We all need that balance, the yin to the yang of life.

When we don’t have those 2 counter energies…life gets to be too much, it gets to be overwhelming.

So today I am going to keep it simple and just say give yourself a break.  Do something fun, watch a silly movie or read a book that makes you joyous.  Add a little silly in to your life.