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A Yay for the Day

For those of us who struggle with the “doing it right” disease (yep, I said us because I too struggle with getting it right), it is important to have small celebrations to acknowledge the victories for the day (however small).  Especially for those of us who are moving through a transition, trying something new, making changes in our lives.  It is easy to get overwhelmed and discouraged.

In our house, we have the concept of the “Yay for the Day”.  Every day we share our one thing that happened that day that we want to celebrate.

It can be:

  • something we accomplished 
  • the way we handled a set back
  • something we are grateful for
  • someone we talked to 
  • something that surprised us
  • or anything else that is a yay!
And then there is the celebration–the yay!  My yay includes a double fist pump and/or a toast with whatever we are drinking at the time.  
Occasionally I will do my own yay for the day in my office after I answer all my emails, write a blog or  have a breakthrough with a client. I will do a small dance in my office or in my chair to acknowledge the ‘yay’!!
Life can be mundane and real transition takes time.  It is easy to get bogged down in negativity and the endless list of to-dos.  The Yay for the Day is a way to pull us out of the ‘doing’ and in to the ‘being’ of life.  The more we can be celebrating our victories the more resources we will have in the long run for dealing with the challenges.  
What is your Yay for the Day?
Photo Credit:  Rob Boudon via Flickr

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