A True Confession: I am not Perpetually Happy

A True Confession: I am not Perpetually Happy

Recently when I have shared with people that I am struggling, having a bad day or feeling overwhelmed I have received the response “What?!?! But, you are the Live Happier Girl!  I thought you were always happy?!?”  I don’t know when or why this happened but somewhere along the way people started believing because I help people Live Happier I am always happy.  I hinted around to this concept, when I wrote the Live Happier Myth.  But today I wanted to say it more bluntly. To share how I have personally struggled with this myth and how it has affected my own life.
True confession, I am not always happy. There are days even weeks, where it feels like everything goes wrong, when my nearest and dearest and I aren’t quite clicking, when I am overcome with grief, when I just want to crawl in bed and stay there, when my fear mongers take over what seems like permanent residence in my head (they are here now as I type this true confession).   Living Happier is a concept I have implemented into my life; it is a way of viewing the world from empowerment rather than victim.  It is something I do each and every day.  It is something I know works, I see it in my clients and myself.
So, I quietly tell my mongers, thanks for the message but no thanks and I continue typing. Because the idea of living in perpetual happiness, I believe, is a myth and a discouraging one at that.  But Living Happier, embracing the messiness of life and figuring out ways to greet it and yourself with compassion and trust is possible, and will make you happier.
This blog is here to give you tips, tricks and stories that I have found helpful on my own Live Happier Journey.  Each day I try to Live Happier.  And on those days when grief and negativity take over I try to implement all the stuff I talk about here: I cry. I journal. I practice gratitude. I dance. I talk with close friends. I workout. I pray. I meditate. I give myself lots of compassion and acceptance. I build curiosity and awareness around what is going on.  And that is Living Happier.  It doesn’t mean that I am perpetually blissed out.  It doesn’t mean I never feel pain, or struggle with doubts or insecurities.  In fact, when I try to constantly be positive, not allow myself the ebbs and flows of life, and tell myself how I SHOULD feel–I am Living Miserably (just ask my nearest and dearest).
Living Happier is a process.  A fabulous, messy, dynamic process.  Today I am screaming it from the rooftops–“Hell yeah, I am the Live Happier Girl and I am not perpetually happy. I love my messy, rich, full life.”
Here’s to Living Happier!!

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  • Comment by Holly at February 16, 2013 @ 9:09 pm

    This makes me think of a quote that I read and then slightly modified for myself….
    “It’s better to aim for happiness and slightly miss than aim for misery and hit” 🙂 xo

    • Comment by Nancy Jane at February 16, 2013 @ 9:16 pm

      Ha! Love that quote and totally agree!! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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